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  • Silicosis


    * Connected to the free silica dust accumulation crystalline form of silicon dioxide * The characteristic anatomical lesion is silicosis nodule: up in the center of collagen fibers and hyalinized on the outskirts of a fiborconiotique crown (Dust seat) * Exposed Professions Off-road work (mining, tunnel); abrasives industry; etching; exterior surfaces; ceramics manufacturing; dental technician…

  • Asbestosis


    * Asbestos fibers are inorganic particles of silicate type; two types: serpentine (chrysotile) ; amphibole (crocidolite) * Exposed Professions: manufacture of insulation materials; joints; brake pad; shipbuilding; insulation (piping); Fire-prevention wall. 1- ASBESTOSIS OR DISTRIBUTION IN INTERSTITIAL FIBROSIS: * Linear or reticular opacities predominate in the lower lobes * CT is the gold standard; curvilinear…