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Insuffisance rénale aiguë et grossesse

Acute renal failure and pregnancy

Epidemiology: The frequency of acute renal failure (ARI) in pregnancy is very different in developed and developing countries. Prevalence and prognosis data can not be interpreted...
Hypertensions de la grossesse

Hypertension of pregnancy

Introduction: Hypertension complicates about 8% of pregnancies in developed countries, significantly more in some areas. For a quarter of these young women, it is pre-eclampsia, the...
Hypertension gravidique

Pregnancy hypertension

Introduction: Gravitational hypertension is a group of conditions whose nature and mechanisms remain imperfectly classified. This situation affects 10 to 15% of pregnant women, which is...
Lupus visage

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

1- Clinic: A- The dermatologic manifestations (80%): - They predominate on exposed areas (photosensitivity); - Erythema in vespertilio (60%) affects the nose and cheekbones. - The discoid lupus...


This chapter deals only with the total loss of smell. Are excluded hyposmia (decrease) cacosmia (perception of an unpleasant odor from the subject himself),...
Surveillance de la grossesse

Monitoring of pregnancy

Monitoring of pregnancy can be a source of discomfort for the general practitioner. However, this is usually a physiological phenomenon governed by a policy...
Présentations grossesse

Presentations pregnancy

1- seat presentation: * Terms and conditions: the seat is said to be complete when the legs are bent on the thighs flexed on the...

Physiology of pregnancy

1- Hormonology: A- MENSTRUAL CYCLE: * FOLLICULAR PHASE: high FSH (low estrogen) => follicular maturation -> Graafian follicle -> secretion of estrogen (granulosa cells); theca interna...


Puerperal blood loss, occurring outside the rules. In women of childbearing age, always inquire whether the bleeding is related to pregnancy. In all cases: - Quickly...
Éruptions pendant la grossesse

Rashes during pregnancy

DIAGNOSIS: The changes, physiological or pathological, skin eruptions during pregnancy are common. They can be ignored by the patient. Source of anxiety, they are a...




Symphyse Pubienne


Transaminases ASAT et ALAT

Transaminases AST and ALT