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  • Erythroderma


    The exfoliative dermatitis is characterized by a generalized confluent erythema with desquamation affecting all integument. The main causes are drug eruptions, psoriasis, eczema, cutaneous lymphoma and scabies. DIAGNOSIS: Main symptoms: Erythroderma is a rare syndrome. The trend may last several weeks with waves and poor general condition. The rash is widespread, inflammatory, purplish with sloping…

  • Psoriasis


    * The diagnosis is clinical; histological examination is rarely necessary (atypical or complicated shapes) * Sign of bloody dew after scraping with a curette (a sign of Auspitz) * Psoriasis predominantly affects extensor surfaces of the limbs (elbows, knees), the lumbosacral area and scalp. On members lesions are usually symmetrical. * Pruritus was observed in…