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Rupture récente et ancienne du tendon calcanéen de l’adulte

Recent and ancient rupture of the calcaneal tendon of the adult

Epidemiology: The rupture of the calcaneal tendon has been known since antiquity, but its original description comes back to Ambroise Paré, who in 1575 treated...
Rupture aiguë du LCA

ACL acute rupture

Synonyms: Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear (ACL), ACL rupture . Definition: It is post-traumatic rupture, partial or complete LCA. Clinic: Mechanism: pivot, mainly during the practice of sports (handball, football, ski, tennis, etc.). Each...

Premature Rupture of Membranes

The premature rupture of membranes when the egg is opened during pregnancy before the start of work (beyond 12 hours because some risk of...




Hemorragie intraoculaire vitréenne

General Ophthalmology

Troubles de la personnalité

Personality Disorders

Antithyroid Antibodies