Activity of the most studied minerals in Nutritherapy – Iodine


Activity of the most studied minerals in Nutritherapy - IodineCHARACTERISTICS :

Health Care

Trace element

RDI: 200 mcg / d

Average intakes: 100 mcg / d


  • Hypothyroidism can be deficient if it lacks iodine, which is needed to make thyroid hormones and selenium is needed to activate it. There are 2 forms of thyroid hormones: T4, 1 iodine must be removed by a deiodinase catalyzed by Selenium to obtain T3 (active form with 3 iodine atoms).
  • Thyroid hormones are essential for brain development. To make neurons you need iodine (> <Alpine cretinism). Iodine is one of the 4 limiting elements of in utero development: Zinc, Mg, Omega 3, Iodine
  • Iodine deficiency promotes mastodynia, mastosis, probably breast cancer by reducing thyroid activity.As the thyroid is responsible for the level of energy expenditure, hypothyroidism is a factor of overweight (we burn less quickly calories) which says adipose tissue and aromatase which makes estrogen.


Seaweed, seafood

A lack of iodine can contribute to

  • suboptimal thyroid hormone production for brain development in utero
  • able to reduce the child’s brain development (loss of Ql)
  • a rough or frank hypothyroidism
  • contribute to the risk of overweight
  • increase the risk of breast cancer

An excess of iodine in the urine suggests an overload (rarely food. Considerable place of algae in the diet of certain regions of Japan), generally of medicinal origin (excess of iodine disinfectants (betadine, contrast agents, Amiodarone) Use of iodized products on farms.

Iodine is included in the most complete general supplements (in particular for women and children (Physiomance Multi or Multigemcs / Multidyn range)

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