Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis

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* Causal agent: due to poliovirus type 1, 2 and 3. These enteroviruses are cultivable on tissue or cellular environments and are remarkable for their strength and long survival in the environment.

* Man, only virus reservoir by the nasopharynx to the initial phase of infection then the stool for several months. The attenuated vaccine virus (eliminated by feces) can recover its pathogenicity in the external environment.

* The virus enters the body through nasopharyngeal or digestive track.

They develop IgA that protects it. More rarely the virus crossed the digestive barrier.

It can be attached to the central nervous system in the anterior horn of the spinal cord -> complete destruction of peripheral motor neurons (at any level) => paralyzing form (one for 100 subclinical form).

Acute anterior poliomyelitis sequelae
Acute anterior poliomyelitis sequelae

* The paralytic disease is always asymmetrical; certain muscles are affected predilection: deltoid, quadriceps, houses antero-lateral leg. Trend early and significant atrophy; vasomotor disorders.

Button immediately relevant muscles.

* Respiratory attacks dominate life-threatening.

* Meningeal syndrome with clear CSF and moderate hypercytose. Fever.

* Shape brain (acute ataxia, parkinsonism) good prognosis.

* By the 15th day, in the CSF, the number of elements decreases and the protein level increases.

APS always leaves more or less important consequences. .

* Inactivated vaccines are excellent Ag and enable a protection of 100% of the meadows.

The live attenuated vaccine (Sabin) is very useful in case of epidemics.

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