Traumatisme oculaire

Eye Injuries


Hyphema: Blood Collection at the anterior chamber -> hypertension

Iridodialysis: Disinsertion of the base of the iris

Iridodonesis: Epicentre of the iris in the eye movements -> subluxation of the lens

Edema Berlin edema of the posterior pole; it reflects a temporary circulatory functional disorder); the FO: milky veil with red retinal macula

Syndrome Purtscher: Nodules dysoriques to FO observed after chest compression; fat embolism.

Siderosis: Alteration degenerative ocular tissue by oxidation and diffusion of iron salts; the iris is hyperpigmented or atrophic

Chalcose: Copper; sunflower cataract; Kayser-Fleischer ring

* Cataract bruised rosette: posterior cortical opacity stellar available

* The risk of rebleeding is hyphema; a recurrent hyphema can cause a blood staining.

* Post Traumatic Mydriasis

* Edema Berlin is self-limiting; but sometimes it can leave sequelae as a final loss of visual acuity.

Ocular trauma
Ocular trauma


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