Doser ferritin to estimate the amount of iron stored in the body in the case of anemia or more generally of a chronic fatigue.


Abundant in liver and macrophages, ferritin’s iron storage protein. Mainly intracellular, however, it is present in the plasma, but in small quantities.

A correlation exists between ferritin and iron stores in the body.


Sampling 5 mL of blood in a dry tube or anticoagulant.

The need to be fasting is absolute, because too much presence of lipids disrupts the dosage.

This is done by radioimmunoassay or enzyme immunoassay method.


A wide variety of usual values exist.

Normal values:

– Women: 30 to 150 g / L;

– Man: 60 to 300 g / L;

– Children: the results are very low in the first year.

Pathological changes:

– A hypoferritinemia is a sign of iron deficiency in the context of a deficiency anemia, unlike anemia of inflammation, where the serum ferritin is greater than 150 g / L;

– Ferritin is found in cases of:

  – Hemochromatosis,

  – Certain cancers: liver, lung and kidney,

  – Elevated liver enzymes,

  – Inflammatory anemia.



Practical advice:

Falsely low values of serum ferritin may be due to a serum hemolysis.

Falsely high, they may come from a lipid-rich serum.

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