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* Pulmonary causes: proximal bronchial cancer (squamous cell carcinoma); pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB ongoing or bronchiectasis sequelae); DDB (recurrent hemoptysis) bronchial infections (acute bronchitis); pneumonia;aspergilloma; intrabronchial foreign body.

* Cardiovascular causes: pulmonary embolism; mitral stenosis; Abortion; pulmonary hemangiomas; Primary pulmonary hypertension; ruptured aortic aneurysm (hemoptysis lightning).

* If abundant hemoptysis -> lysopressine infusion (vasoconstrictor).

Bronchoscopy emergency locates the bleeding urgency to bronchial toilet, applying local treatment vasoconstrictor (adrenaline, saline wash at 4 ° C);

* The etiological investigation is based primarily on data from bronchoscopy

* In case of massive hemoptysis, the patient does not die from blood loss but by asphyxiation (alveolar flooding).

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