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* The cancer increases by 10 the risk of lung cancer; beyond 30 PA risk is 50 times than in non-smoking

* This is the major factor in the development of COPD.

End-stage parenchymal destruction responsible centrilobular emphysema.

* The death rate from coronary heart disease is 15 times higher in smokers than in nonsmokers below 45 years. It promotes hypertension and hypertensive heart disease

* Tobacco is a key factor in promoting peripheral arterial

* Other cancers: cancer ENT (lip, oral cavity, larynx).

Esophageal cancer (with alcohol); bladder cancer.

* The smoke comprises a gas phase and a particulate phase.

95% of toxic are located in the particulate phase.

* Four groups of substances are important: Nicotine is responsible for addiction; carbon monoxide (loss oxyhemoglobin -> carboxy-Hb); irritants (aldehydes …) are responsible for the achievement of the respiratory mucosa (decreased ciliary activity, increased mucus); tars (polycyclic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines) are carcinogenic and irritants.

* The polycyclic hydrocarbons (benzopyrene) are responsible for squamous cell carcinoma in the animal so that the nitrosamine induced rather adenocarcinomas.

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