Meningitis clear liquid


Predominance of PNN

Health Care

* Bacterial meningitis decapitated

* Bacterial meningitis early

* Listeriosis

* Reaction to a meningeal infection site

* Endocarditis




* Tuberculosis

* Listeriosis

* Cryptococcosis


* Borreliosis …

* Listeriosis

* Brucellosis

* Leptospirosis

– The Listerial dreaded meningitis in immunocompromised, pregnant women, newborns and those> 60 years.

Presence of basal signs.

The hypoglycorachie is common but not constant; CSF protein> 1 g / L; Formula CSF varies with lymphocytic predominance predominance of neutrophils or variegated liquid.

The presence of mococytoïdes cells is inconsistent.

Culture is systematic (often negative direct examination).

– The mumps meningitis may be associated with hypoglycorachie

– Primary infection associated with HIV can be an acute viral meningitis.

– Meningitis can be endocarditis; meaning: septic embolism, embolic softening, hematoma, abscess

– A meningeal reaction to bacterial infection in contact with meninges (brain abscess …) translates clinically by the presence of signs of HIC locations of signs, seizures.

The PL is against-indicated (normal glucose level; unaltered PNN)

– At the beginning of a viral infection, cerebrospinal fluid may have a formula predominantly polynuclear.

– Meningitis carcinomatous => hypoglycorachie

– Drug Meningitis (predominance PNN): isoniazid, cotrimoxazole, azathioprine.

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