Mouth ulcers

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• Before an atypical ulcer, do not overlook an ulcerated neoplasia or other inflammatory disease.

• If recurrent canker sore, do not ignore a systemic disease; search for genital sites.

• Treatment is symptomatic ulcers vulgar.

Mouth ulcers
Mouth ulcers


The common canker sore has a typical clinical aspect: it is ulceration of the oral mucosa, round or oval, 1 to 9 mm in diameter, with yellow background, very painful, whose recovery is spontaneous in 7 to 15 days. Lesions are often multiple and recurrent.

The best known triggers are food (nuts, hazelnuts, cheese).

The differential diagnosis is to do with the multiple causes of mouth ulcers and erosions (herpes, erythema multiforme, autoimmune bullous diseases).


Order 1 Moderate aphtose

– Removal of food favoring local irritative thorns (scaling, dental care).

ASPEGIC 500 mg [DL-lysine acetylsalicylate] mouthwash 4-5 times a day (do not swallow).

The use of specialist is required when disabling aphtose

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