– There is a mite: sarcoptes scabei (variety hominis) mites infesting animals can not survive on the human skin.Sarcoptes is a mandatory human parasite, may survive 2-3 j outside the skin.

– Itching at night building evocative topography seat armholes on the anterior trunk, especially on the breast area in women, the inner thigh, the anterior aspect of the forearm including wrist. It also touches the tip of the elbows, buttocks and interdigital spaces.

– Instead the face and back are in order spared. The scalp also

– Specific lesions: furrows; beaded vesicles; scabious nodules armholes or EMB. These specific lesions very often lack.

– In infants => Location palmoplantar (vesiculobullous lesions)

Treatment: benzyl benzoate (Ascabiol) pyrethrin (aerosol; CI: asthma) lindane; Aphtiria (powder -> deworming machine). The face and mucous membranes are respected.

Preferred location scabies ends
Preferred location scabies ends

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