1- Indications:

Health Care

* Atopic Dermatitis

* Eczema contact

* Lichenification

* Other: psoriasis; lichen planus; lichen sclerosus; dyshidrose; palmoplantar pustulosis; prurigo; varicose eczema;lupus erythematosus; prevention of keloids.

* Short-term: insect bites, superficial burns, sunburn, seborrheic dermatitis.

Chemical formula corticosteroids (cortisol)
Chemical formula corticosteroids (cortisol)

2- Contraindication:

* The only formal CI are infectious derma-toses and especially herpes virus

* In juvenile and rosacea, there is a risk of worsening and corticodé-pendence.

* Diaper rash (risk of onset of infantile gluteal granuloma)

3- Side Effects:

* Burning sensation, itching, irritation or dryness

* Skin atrophy: telangiectasia, stretch marks, purpura, stellate scar …

* Slow healing

* Hypertrichosis, acne, perioral dermatitis

* Infantile gluteal granuloma

* Cataract, Glaucoma (application on the eyelids); contact dermatitis

* Dependence; rebound

* Braking axis-pituitary-adrenal hypothalmo (depigmentation …)

* Cushingoid syndrome; iatrogenic hypercortisolism (systemic)

* Failure to thrive; HIC benign in children

NB: Ointments are indicated in the dry and hyperkeratotic lesions; creams are used in all types of lesions (especially oozing lesions); lotions are for-raiding areas.

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