• Dyspnea


    Dyspnea is a discomfort felt the hard way by the patient during a regular physical activity, and under normal atmospheric pressure and temperature. It results from a mismatch between the required exercise and abilities of respiratory and / or cardiovascular system. The patient of the results under different names: shortness of breath, tightness, lack of…

  • Bronchitis chronic obstructive

    Bronchitis chronic obstructive

    – Clinical Definition: hypersecretion of mucus sufficient to cause cough and mucous expectoration and / or daily Mucopurulent at least 3 consecutive months a year, and that for at least two years following. – There are 2 groups of chronic bronchitis: * Simple chronic bronchitis marked by a expecto ration -> no obstructive spirometry syndrome;…

  • Smoking


    * The cancer increases by 10 the risk of lung cancer; beyond 30 PA risk is 50 times than in non-smoking * This is the major factor in the development of COPD. End-stage parenchymal destruction responsible centrilobular emphysema. * The death rate from coronary heart disease is 15 times higher in smokers than in nonsmokers…