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Troubles de l’hémostase

Hemostasis disorders

Introduction: Chronic renal failure (CKD) is characterized by complex hemostasis disorders that coexist a bleeding tendency and a prothrombotic state. Hemorrhagic manifestations: Clinical diagnosis: Hemorrhagic manifestations are often...
Troubles de l’équilibre hydrosodé

Disorders of hydrosoded equilibrium

Introduction: A disorder of cellular and / or extracellular hydration results from a disorder of the water balance and / or of the sodium balance,...
Désordres du métabolisme du calcium et du phosphate

Calcium and phosphate metabolism disorders

Introduction: The last few years have witnessed considerable advances in the field of calcium and phosphate metabolism. These advances have made very significant progress in understanding...
Troubles maniacodépressifs

Manic Depressive Disorders in Adolescence

Introduction: In adolescence, manic-depressive disorders are of major interest. It is indeed a psychiatric disorder: • the genetic basis of which is well documented; • manifesting from puberty,...
Troubles psychomoteurs chez l’enfant

Psychomotor disorders in children

Introduction: The presence of psychomotor disorders in a large number of psychiatric or neurological disorders has been mentioned since the end of the 19th century...
Troubles du sommeil chez l'enfant et l'adolescent

Sleep Disorders in Children and Adolescents

INTRODUCTION: The frequent occurrence of sleep disorders in children and adolescents has often led to the trivialization of these manifestations, or even to their integration...

Arrhythmias, Antiarrhythmic Treatment

Warning: • The use of anti-arrhythmic (AAR) requires a specialist opinion: indications, against-indications, cardiac side effects and extracardiac, surveillance. • All antiarrhythmic has pro-arrhythmic effects, negative...

Personality Disorders

* The égosyntonique character personality traits, while the symptoms are ego-dystonic, that is to say incongruous to me. * The libidinal development that anxiety of...

Electrolyte Disorders ECG

Dyskaliémies: Hypokalemia (<3.5 meq / l): * Increased wave U (nonspecific sign) * Flattening and negativity of the T wave (T + U draws a lying S) *...







Serum Potassium