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Measles is a highly contagious acute viral infection. Transmission is by air (inhalation of micro-droplets emitted by an infected person). In developing countries, it...

Viruses in Anatomical Pathology

• Poliomyelitis: neurotropic. Degenerative reversible first (disappearance of Nissl bodies) and final (ment-inflated or neuronal cell shrinkage). • Papillomavirus (HPV): epidermotropic. Induced epidermal hyper-plasia on the rete...

Incubation in Infectious Diseases

1- 2-5j: - Cholera - Chancroid - Herpes (2 to 7d) - Diphtheria - The best part of bacterial infections (scarlet fever ...) 2- 10 days: - Measles - Leptospirosis (6 12j). -...

Viral Infections

1- Herpes: - Herpes is the leading cause of recurrent erythema multiforme. - Virus isolation with search cytopathic effect remains the reference method. Serology is used for...


Pli oblique de l'oreille

Oblique fold of the ear

Hypotension orthostatique

Orthostatic Hypotension

Épanchement pleural

Pleural effusion