Viruses in Anatomical Pathology


Poliomyelitis: neurotropic.

Degenerative reversible first (disappearance of Nissl bodies) and final (ment-inflated or neuronal cell shrinkage).

Papillomavirus (HPV): epidermotropic.

Induced epidermal hyper-plasia on the rete Malpighi with some binucleated cells; of dyskeratotic cells; Koilocytes in the surface layer. -> Condyloma; -> Papillomavirus (common wart) -> Molluscum contagiosum (crater); -> Dysplasia => carcinoma.

Cytomegalovirus pneumonia, hepatitis, colitis.

The cells and nuclei are large. Dense acidophilic nuclear inclusions surrounded by a clear halo (eye Owl)

Rabies cortical neurons.

Intracytoplasmic inclusions (Negri bodies)

Measles plasmodia Presence in the lymphoid tissue and in the lungs (as RSV in tissue cultures)

Hepatitis A: hepatocyte ballooning and acidophilic body of Councilmann

Hepatitis B: appearance “frosted green” the cytoplasm of hepatocytes

Oncogenic Viruses: HPV 16 and 18 (cervical carcinoma); EBV (Burkitt’s lymphoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma …).

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