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Serum Calcitonin or Thyrocalcitonin

Indications: Hormonal assay is useful in the diagnosis of medullary thyroid cancer. Principle: Thyrocalcitonin is a 32 amino acid peptide synthesized by the thyroid parafollicular C cells. The...

Serum Potassium

Indications: The monitoring of serum potassium can appreciate the blood level of a fundamental ke cation for muscle function like intestinal transit: potassium (K). But it...

Serum Protein Electrophoresis

Indications: Simple and inexpensive way, this review allows to know the blood composition protide, mainly albumin and globulins. Principle: Albumin is preferentially secreted by the liver, and...


Oreille externe et interne

Chronic Otitis Media

Maladie de Paget

Paget’s disease

Maladie de Behçet

Behçet’s disease