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Douleur Thoracique Aigue

Acute Thoracic Pain

CLINICAL SIGNS: * suspicious signs , apart from an obvious clinical picture: - history of coronary heart disease. - pains that last for several seconds at least. - pain dependent...
Syndrome du défilé thoraco-brachial

Syndrome of the thoracic outlet parade

Thoracic outlet syndrome is the more or less complete association of irritation and / or compression of the vasculo-nervous pedicle of the upper limb...
Figure 1a. À gauche : Radiographie du thorax de face. Emphysème sous-cutané diffus avec visibilité des fibres musculaires du pectoral. Opacité ronde parenchymateuse de découverte fortuite.

Subcutaneous Emphysema Chest

The subcutaneous emphysema corresponds to the appearance of gas in the subcutaneous tissue. It is either an air suffusion, spontaneous or during trauma, between...
Douleurs thoraciques

Chest pain

A few figures help to understand the problem that occurs most often in an emergency context: - Chest pain represents about 5% of the chief...



Valve Disease



Symphyse Pleurale

Pleural Symphysis