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  • Leprosy


    Chronic bacterial infection endemic, human, Mycobacterium leprae. Very contagious, leprosy is spread by close, direct contact, especially at the family level. Children are particularly receptive. Clinical signs: Leprosy should be considered in any hypopigmented skin lesions or peripheral neuropathy. In case of suspicion, do a complete physical examination: – Skin and mucous membranes (sick undressed)…

  • Mycobacterium Leprae

    Mycobacterium Leprae

    Leprosy affects more than ten million people living mostly in developing countries of the tropics. In Asia there are 62% of lepers and Africa 34%, but the prevalence of the disease is 3 times higher in Africa than in Asia. I – THE GERM: A – Description: The causative agent of the disease is Mycobacterium…

  • Tuberculoid Granuloma

    Tuberculoid Granuloma

    This is the result of a specific subacute inflammation which may be caused: – Sarcoidosis (Besnier-Boeck disease-Schaumann or BBS) – Crohn’s disease – The reaction to foreign bodies – Schistosomiasis – Leprosy (in its tuberculoid) – Some deep mycoses – Tularemia – Cat scratch disease The tuberculoid granuloma is an epithelioid giant follicle FOLLICLE epithelioid…