The carbon-14 dating is unreliable!


An Algerian proves that the carbon-14 dating is false

He studied at the Faculty of Bab Ezzouar in Algiers before joining Harvard University in the United States in 1986. A native of Ain Boucif in the province of Medea, Bougatiche Ahmed might return all chemists and anthropologists school since just proved, at a symposium held at the University of Michigan in the United States, the carbon-14 dating is false.
This means that all the history books and especially prehistory will be burned or at least corrected. The Algerian chemist, as reported by Scientific American News, published this week, proved in 80 experts from major US and Canadian universities that carbon-14 dating is false.

Carbon 14 atom
Carbon 14 atom

“Carbon 14 or radiocarbon is a radioactive isotope of carbon whose half (or half-life) is equal to 5734 ± 40 years according to calculations within particle physics dating from 1961.
However, for dating, it continues convention of using the assessed value in 1951, 5568 ± 30 years (2) “, can be read on Wikipedia, which states that” the carbon-14 dating is thus based on presence throughout radiocarbon body small proportion (around 10-12 for the 14C / total C).From the moment an organism dies, the amount of radiocarbon in it and its radiological activity decreases over time according to an exponential law.

A sample of organic matter derived from this organism can be dated by measuring either the 14C / C with a total mass spectrometer, its activity X years after the death of the body “. The Algerian researcher, rather the “discoverer” found a substance called stam 44 in the rain.

The chemist has shown through demonstrations in front of the experts that the 44 stam destroys the effect of isotoope which becomes more responsive. So to be clear, an object, a rock, a tree or a human being (skeleton) or animal can see its dating distorted by rainwater, thus misleading anthropologists and chemists.
For example, a dead skeleton there are only a few hundred years can be dated by experts as having died there a million if not a billion years.

With the discovery of Ahmed Bougatiche, Egyptologists around the world will also review their copy. In the United States, there is already talk of the appointment of Ahmed Bougatiche the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the year 2012. Some even think the withdrawal of that obtained in 1960 by Willard Libby who developed the carbon-14 dating.

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