Urinary Catecholamines



The test is useful in diagnosing tumors of the adrenal pheochromocytoma kind.


The Secret medulla adrenaline and noradrenaline. Both catecholamines are measurable in the urine.

urinary catecholaminesTechnique:

Urine collection for 24 hours hydrochloric acid, stored at 4 ° C, protected from light. For example, for a collection of 8 pm to 8 am the next day to the patient urinate at 8 am, throwing urine and keep all the urine overnight 8am.

Dosing is by high performance liquid chromatography.


Normally, urinary catecholamines levels below 100 micrograms / 24 hours or 0.6 mmol / 24 h, distributed as follows:

– Noradrenaline: concentration <80 mg / 24 h;

– Adrenaline concentration <20 mg / 24 h.

Each laboratory has its standards, however.

A greater than 139 mcg rate is the best sign of pheochromocytoma.

As part of treatment monitoring, metering allows its effectiveness.



Practical advice:

Before the irregularity of the tumor secretion, it is often useful to repeat the examination for three consecutive days.