Activity of the most studied minerals in Nutritherapy – Selenium



  • Antioxidant role by activating selenium glutathione peroxidases (4 types of GPX
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Detoxifies hydrogen peroxide (H202- hydrogen peroxide) into water in plasma and cells thanks to the GPX1 enzyme

  • Anti NFKappaB factor: selenium contributes with all antioxidants and polyphenols to modulate inflammatory responses
  • Detoxification:

Activity of the most studied minerals in Nutritherapy - SeleniumBlocks heavy metals: lead, mercury, cadmium and allows their urinary elimination or their blockage in cells (with glutathione and vitamin C)

– It is integrated into the selenoprotein P, each of which transports and distributes 10 atoms of selenium in the tissues (a form of transport such as transferrin for iron).

– Co-enzyme of iodothyronine deiodinase, which activates T4 (reserve form with 4 iodine atoms) into T3 (active form) => activation of thyroid hormones

  • Intervenes in male fertility => integrated in a selenoprotein of the sperm capsule where it protects the flagellum => lack of mobility of the spermatozoon is due to a lack of selenium
  • thioredoxin (thiol group) reductase coenzyme, an antioxidant enzyme that recycles

  • Integrated in W selenotherapy necessary for metabolism and present in several dozen other proteins whose functions are still little known


  • thioredoxin (with the help of NADH)
  • 70 mcg / d
  • Average intake 45 mcg / d
  • Intake considered optimal: around 150 mcg / d
  • Pro-oxidant if overdosed especially in the form of Selenite (which consumes glutathione to be metabolized)


Whole grains, Brazil nuts (and seafood / animal proteins which are not recommended due to their other ingredients, pollutants and microbial agents).


  • Hypothyroidism
  • Mercury dental amalgam removal (Selenium Granions 890 mg 3 days before and 3 days after)
  • Prevention and co-treatment of infectious pathologies
  • Prevention and co-treatment of allergic and inflammatory pathologies
  • Prevention of degenerative pathologies:

– Cardiovascular

– Cancers

– Neurodegenerative

  • Contribution to the reduction of mortality among seniors

Apart from a detoxification of heavy metals, there is almost no indication of selenium on its own. It is therefore prescribed integrated either in a general daily nutritional supplement (minerals, vitamins, protective active ingredients): or in a antioxidant complex which acts “in family”: vitamins C and E (natural), beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, selenium (example Aodyn).

Author Jean-Paul Curtay

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