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The test checks the state of the anus, rectum and its walls; it allows to take stock of the presence and importance of hemorrhoids, treat, but also to detect anal fissures, rectal polyps, to find the cause of rectal bleeding (polyp, ulcerative colitis).


It is difficult to conduct the examination if the patient can not feel my knees.


By means of a flexible endoscope, is visualized the terminal part of the intestine (anal canal and the lower third of the rectum).

anoscopy -Anuscope

To prepare the digestive tract, given the day before the exam, an enema with warm water (1 liter) and then a second morning, 4 to 5 hours before the exam.

You can perform a micro-enema as Normacol, 4 to 5 hours before the exam.

At the doctor’s office, the patient is placed in knee-chest position; Good lighting can observe the anal margin and perform a digital rectal exam.

Can be associated with anoscopy a rigid sigmoidoscope, which then explore up to 35 cm from the anal verge.


On cue:

– Hemorrhoids, which will be processed (infrared coagulation, sclerosing injection, rubber band ligation or cryotherapy).

– Polyps, including excision can be performed; otherwise, in case of larger tumors, a biopsy is performed; in case of doubt it is infectious bacteriological sampling that is required;

– Parasitic diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, anal fistulae or perianal.


None in the hands of an experienced practitioner.



Practical advice:

Any rectal bleeding should lead to a medical consultation, even the presence of hemorrhoids is known. In this case, it is necessary to warn the patient and commit to consult their doctor.

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