Différents types de blocs auriculo-ventriculaires

Atrioventricular block ECG


It results in a prolongation of the PR interval (> 0.20 sec)


– Mobitz 1: Luciani-Wenckebach rate (progressive enlargement of the space PR -> P wave blocked). The headquarters of this block is usually supra-hissien (nodal)

– Mobitz 2: paroxysmal AV conduction block. The block of the seat is usually sub-hissien (His bundle or the branches)

– The Mobitz 2 can be confused with an atrial bigeminy with anterograde blocking extrasystole, in this case the interval PP ‘(between the normal wave P and P’ blocked) is not equal to half the PP interval.


– Complete atrioventricular dissociation rate. The frequency and morphology of the ventricular escape depend on the type of seat BAV. AVB III with pace quick exhaust (50 / min) and high QRS purposes is located (NAV or the top of the bundle of His) => jonctionel exhaust.

Ventricular escape => 30 / min and wide QRS

Different types of AV block
Different types of AV block


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