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Péricardite aiguë

Acute Pericarditis

Warning: • Any pericarditis may be complicated by tamponade. • Viral acute pericarditis may recur in the short term. • Link to aspirin or anti-inflammatory oral gastric...
Angor stable

Stable Angina

Warning: • Angina is only one manifestation of coronary insufficiency (which may itself be the cause of ischemic heart failure, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia supraventricular and...

Electrocardiogram – ECG

Speed ​​= 25mm / sec => 1cm = 0.4 sec (x-axis) Amplitude of 1 cm / mV => 1cm = 1mV (ordinate) Normal values: P wave ->...

Pericarditis ECG

Developments in 4 stages: Stage I: Subepicardial injury: ST segment elevation in upper concavity, early, fleeting, not including the T wave, positive. Stage II (2nd week): ST return...

Myocardial Infarction ECG

* The non-Q wave infarction: IDM Nontransmural, has no Q-wave Contains intense as ST depression or T wave ischemia (sustainable). With increase in cardiac...

Electrolyte Disorders ECG

Dyskaliémies: Hypokalemia (<3.5 meq / l): * Increased wave U (nonspecific sign) * Flattening and negativity of the T wave (T + U draws a lying S) *...

Digitalis ECG

- Also called cardiac glycosides - Digitalis are in fact only small positive inotropic with some peripheral vascular effects. - At the level of myocardial cell,...

Drug Actions ECG

1- cardiac drugs: A- Digitalis (impregnation): * PR Elongation * ST cup Aspect * Flattening or negativity of the T wave * A moderately increased amplitude U * QT shortening B-...

Atrioventricular block ECG

AVB I: It results in a prolongation of the PR interval (> 0.20 sec) AVB II: - Mobitz 1: Luciani-Wenckebach rate (progressive enlargement of the space PR...

ECG branch block

1- complete left bundle branch block: - The electrical impulses will go from right to left - QRS> 0.12 s (incomplete block -> 0.10 to 0.12) -...


Masse (tumeur) abdominale

Abdominal Tumors





Ulcère de jambe

Leg Ulcer