Drug Actions ECG


1- cardiac drugs:

A- Digitalis (impregnation):

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* PR Elongation

* ST cup Aspect

* Flattening or negativity of the T wave

* A moderately increased amplitude U

* QT shortening

B- Quinidine:

* PR Elongation

* Moderate Expansion of QRS

* Sub-ST segment elevation; Flat or negative T

* Increased U

* QT Prolongation

Chemical formula of Amiodarone
Chemical formula of Amiodarone

C- Amiodarone:

* Bradycardia; elongation RA

* Wave bifid or crocheted T “camel”

* An increased U wave

* QT Prolongation

D- Broadening the PR:

* Amiodarones, quinidine, digalliques

* Calcium channel blockers (bepridil also lengthens the QT)

2- non-cardiac drugs:

A- Psychotropic:

Repolarization abnormalities kind of quinidine; tricyclics determine flattening or inversion of the T wave and increase U.

B- Pest Control:

Emetine, antimony, chloroquines cause flattening or inversion of the wave very durable T (weeks or months)

C- antimitotic:

Adriamycin can give repolarization abnormalities; SF-uracil gives a shift-addition of ST and T negativity with heart pain

+ The QT prolongation (especially hypokalemia) exposed to a risk of torsades de pointes.

Erythromycin + IV can cause QT prolongation with risk of torsade de pointes.

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