Blood Culture


Before high fever with chills, it comes to detect the abnormal presence in the blood of a bacterium which can thus be identified. Then we could possibly test its resistance to contact antibiotics.


The collection of blood is cultured in suitable habitat to development of germs suspected.

blood culture

The collection of venous blood is:

– In perfect aseptic conditions (particularly, skin disinfection with iodine);

– Without antibiotic treatment;

– Seeding aerobic and anaerobic conditions;

– Ideally with the waning of a fever and chills when middle.

Now semi-automatic methods accelerate bacterial growth and, by centrifuging, concentrated detectable bacteria then quickly and easily.


Blood culture positive sign bacteremia or sepsis.

The findings come in two stages; with the first color, then 24 to 48 hours after the result of susceptibility testing.


B90 to B120.

Practical advice:

If a staph is found, it is difficult to know if it is an infection or contamination. In this case, we must renew levies or perform at an appropriate time (apart from the thrill) and based on successive positive results.

False negatives are possible after antibiotic treatment, insufficient sampling, a medium unsuitable culture.


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