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Complete blood count

Introduction: Blood tissue distributed throughout the body, includes the hematopoietic organs and peripheral blood. The peripheral blood behaves in two phases: - A liquid phase, the plasma...

Blood Lead

Indications: The main interest of the examination is to detect lead poisoning, whether occupational or environmental origin (or former habitat near an industrial site. Principle: Lead absorbed...

Blood Electrolytes

Indications: Before different clinical presentations that may be suspected of fluid and electrolyte disorders, the test measures the major blood anions and cations: - Cations are:...

Blood Culture

Indications: Before high fever with chills, it comes to detect the abnormal presence in the blood of a bacterium which can thus be identified. Then...

Thick Blood. Thin Smear

Indications: The examination can detect the presence in the blood of malaria parasite: Plasmodium. Principle: The realization of a thick film can concentrate the maximum noise in...

Blood Sugar

Indications: Blood sugar assay to diagnose possible anomalies of glucose metabolism, such as pancreatic insufficiency with insulin production deficit: what is diabetes. But it is also...

Arterial Blood Gas

Indications: The review used to assess the amount of haematosis in respiratory diseases, whether acute or chronic. Principle: It involves measuring blood pressure O2 and CO2, the...

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Indications: The alcolock is compulsory in cases of serious offenses or injury accident on the highway. When this test is positive, a blood alcohol is...
Hypertension artérielle


Warning: • Hypertension is almost never a therapeutic emergency (true emergencies are left ventricular failure, hypertensive encephalopathy, aortic dissection, hypertensive retinopathy, eclampsia). • Diagnosis is based...


Hemoptysis is a discharge of blood from the mouth, from the respiratory tree subglottic, usually during coughing. This is usually a medical emergency. It requires...


Frottis sanguin de Plasmodium falciparum


Antithyroid Antibodies



AVC Hémorragique

Hemorrhagic stroke