CRP (C-reactive protein)



Health Care

This is to assess and diagnose through a blood test, an inflammatory condition.


This protein synthesized by the liver, is present at low levels in serum normally.

Its concentration increases rapidly in case of inflammation.

CRP (C-reactive protein)

Levy of 2 mL of blood in a dry tube.


Normal values:

5 to 15 mg / L.

Pathological changes:

– A rate greater than 20 mg / L is an inflammatory or infectious reaction;

– His elevation occurs at the 12th hour to return to normal 7 to 14 days after the termination of the process.

– CRP rises much in bacterial infections that viral.



Practical advice:

Pregnancy or estrogen-progestin therapy increased CRP levels up to 50 mg / L.

The rate is also high during the 48 hours following surgery.

A CRP testing also helps differentiate high UTI (high CRP) a low infection (low CRP).

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