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* The dermatophytes are always pathogenic; grouped into three genres: Microsporon; Dermatophyton;Epidermophyton. They never saprophytes. Dermatophytes are keratinophilic (stratum corneum) they comply with the mucous membranes.

* There is no mucosal or visceral involvement except in exceptional Dermatophytic disease

* The Circinate dermatophytosis (ringworm) is transmitted from an infected animal (D. zoophilic) and potentially from the ground or even infected person or even by self-inoculation (intertrigo interorteil => D. anthropophilic)

T. rubrum

* Intertrigo: affects mainly the 4th or 3rd interorteil space (athlete’s foot); the dorsal side of the fold is often spared.Trichophyton rubrum especially

* Onyxis without paronychia; the nail is attacked by its free edge with subungual thickening extending gradually to the matrix

* Jock itch = tinea of ​​crural inguinal folds

* Erythrasma is infection by Corynebacterium; seat lesion in large folds, they are brown buff; coral red fluorescence light Wood

* Ringworm microspore: few bald patches where the hair is short broken; ectrotrix; green fluorescent light of Wood

* Ringworm Trichophytic: many small plates with broken hair close to the skin; endotrix.

* The Kerion is an inflammatory tinea (painless) and pustular affecting the scalp or beard. It is due to géophile or zoophilic fungus (cattle): Trichophyton gypsum, T. mentagrophytes; a permanent alopecia is possible; there is neither ADP

Favus *: due to T schöleini; reached the child infected areas and persists in adults; Bucket favus and permanent alopecia extent.


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