Leg Ulcer


1- venous ulcer:

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* Varicose ulcer (of essential venous insufficiency) is preferential LEMENT-localized at the inner side of the leg, internal perimalleolar area (sometimes externally perimalleolar area). It can be large and usually not painful

* The post-thrombotic ulcers is often more painful indurated edges and rebellious

* The ulcer may be clean or dirty; the background may be sluggish or fibrin

* Integument periulcerous: dermatitis pigment ocher, white atrophy, telangiectasia, spider veins bluish in scalp or venous blue knots hypodermitis sclerosis (scleroderma appearance boot), which is more pronounced in the post-thrombotic ulcer.

* Complications: eczematisation; ankle stiffness; superficial or deep phlebitis; squamous carcinomatous degeneration (she is exceptional); recurrence is common.

Leg ulcer
Leg ulcer

2- arterial ulcer:

* The pain is relieved by hanging leg position

* The ulcer seat at the anterolateral aspect of the leg (suspended), or sub-malleolar outer area or often on the back of the foot.

* It is digging and necrotic; its edges are sharp so-called “cookie cutter”.

* The skin is often dry (particularly the toe) with a reduction in hair growth and sometimes atrophy.The integumentary disorders are less marked than in venous insufficiency.

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