Multiple endocrine neoplasia 1:

* SYNDROME Wermer:

Multiple endocrine neoplasia type I:

– Hyperparathyroidism 90 to 100%

– Violation of the endocrine pancreas (90%): Zollinger-Ellison syndrome (gastrinoma) insulinoma; glucanome;vipoma (Verner and Morrison syndrome)

– Involvement of the anterior pituitary (40%): GH adenoma; prolactinoma

– Carcinoid tumor (5%)


– Medullary Thyroid Cancer

– Hyperparathyroidism

– Pheochromocytoma

2- Polyendocrinopathy autoimmune:

* Whitaker syndrome (type I): mucocutaneous candidiasis; hypoparathyroidism; adrenal insufficiency

* Schmidt syndrome (type II): adrenal insufficiency and autoimmune thyroid disease


Editor-in-chief of the Medical Actu website; general practitioner graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Algiers in 2005 currently practicing as a liberal.

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