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Syndrome de Brugada

Brugada Syndrome (BrS)

CLINICAL SIGNS: * loss of consciousness in a young adult, most often a man: syncope. * Sudden death by ventricular rhythm (FV, TV). * notion of family history of sudden...
Maladie de Bouveret

Bouveret Syndrome

CLINICAL SIGNS: * in a young subject, without a cardiovascular history. * tachycardia attacks at the beginning and end abrupt (sensation of clicks) from a few minutes to several hours. * the patient...
Syndrome hépatorénal

Hepatorenal syndrome

Definition: Acute renal failure (ARI) during hepatocellular insufficiency (HIC) has many etiologies (functional renal failure , tubulopathy and hepatorenal syndrome ). The vast majority of ARI...

Dementia and insane syndrome

It is about the global and progressive loss of the intellectual functions acquired previously, without disturbances of the vigilance. CLINIC: It is necessary to know how...
Syndrome néphrotique chez l’enfant

Nephrotic syndrome

Introduction: The nephrotic syndrome is defined by a set of biological signs secondary to proteinuria sufficiently abundant to cause disturbances in plasma. It combines proteinuria classically...
Syndrome polyuropolydipsique

Polyuropolydipsic syndrome

Introduction: The polyuropolydipsic syndrome is defined by a urinary flow rate greater than 3 l / d (or 2 ml / min) defining polyuria, associated...
Complications du syndrome néphrotique

Complications of nephrotic syndrome

Introduction: Nephrotic syndrome (SN) is defined as proteinuria greater than 3 g / d with hypoalbuminemia below 30 g / l. For many authors, SN is...
Syndrome néphrotique à lésions glomérulaires minimes acquis

Nephrotic syndrome with minimal acquired glomerular lesions

Introduction: The nephrotic syndrome with minimal glomerular lesions (SN-LGM) is characterized clinically by a nephrotic syndrome pure and histologically by minimal ultrastructural abnormalities consisting of...
Mécanisme et facteurs de risque du syndrome de Brugada

Mechanism and risk factors for Brugada syndrome

Electrophysiological mechanism of elevation ST: The heterogeneity of repolarization of the action potential between the epicardium and the endocardium explains both the ECG aspect and...
Syndrome de loges chronique

Chronic lung syndrome

Physiopathology: This frequent pathological entity is totally underestimated and presents, from a physiopathological point of view, a common denominator - notwithstanding its topography - which...




Adénopathies cervicales

Cervical lymphadenopathy

Thrombose veineuse profonde

Deep Vein Thrombosis