Protéinurie de Bence-Jones

Proteinuria Bence Jones


The review is an essential element of research myelomas.


Protein Bence-Jones is a dimer of light chains (kappa or lambda) of immunoglobulins. It is present in the urine in 70% of cases of myeloma.

Proteinuria Bence Jones

Thermosoluble, the protein makes the precipitate which appears at 60 ° C is lost at the boil to reappear on cooling.

On suspicion of myeloma in a patient, you realize immunoelectrophoresis urine 24 hours on recueilles conservative.

The presence of kappa light chains or lambda between the alpha and beta globulins thus identified in the review.

Immunofixation then differentiates kappa and lambda.


The blood electrophoresis is normal; is the presence of protein in urine for diagnosing myeloma. Their presence suggests a poor prognosis because she signed renal impairment and / or amyloidosis:

– Rate below 4 g / 24 h: stage I;

– Rate of between 4 and 12 g / 24 h: stage II;

– Rate above 12 g / 24 h: stage III.



Practical advice:

For a urine collection from 8 am to 8 pm the next day to the patient urinate at 8 am, throwing urine and keep all the urine overnight 8am.


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