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  • Proteinuria


    Introduction: Proteinuria may be isolated, or may have kidney damage (primary or secondary). The criteria which will make it possible to classify a proteinuria are its transient or permanent character, its abundance, its composition and its selectivity, that is to say the presence of proteins smaller than albumin, renal function, association urinary sediment abnormalities (hematuria, leukocyturia),…

  • Proteinuria Bence Jones

    Proteinuria Bence Jones

    Indications: The review is an essential element of research myelomas. Principle: Protein Bence-Jones is a dimer of light chains (kappa or lambda) of immunoglobulins. It is present in the urine in 70% of cases of myeloma. Technique: Thermosoluble, the protein makes the precipitate which appears at 60 ° C is lost at the boil to…

  • Nephrotic syndrome

    Nephrotic syndrome

    – The definition is biological: • proteinuria 50 mg / kg / 24 hours in children and 3 g / 24 hours in adults • hypoalbuminemia less than 30 g / liter • hypoproteinemia less than 60 g / liter – Clinically, edema and oliguria are often associated, but not always. We distinguish : –…