Sigmund Freud

Psychoanalytic Appearance

* The troubles from the first 6 months of life in which the oral stage develops correlated to autism and schizophrenia

* The second part of the oral stage introduces cannibalistic fantasies of the child; it is correlated with fantasies of omnipotence and submission and predispose to mania and melancholy.

* The anal stage is characterized by eroticism of the expulsion of fecal products symbolizing the ambivalence (love and hate) core paranoid psychosis

* The second part of this stage is characterized by feelings of disgust and control the proper object to obsessional neurosis

* At the Oedipal phase (3-6 years), castration anxiety would be the basis of the organization phobic, hysterical neurosis

* Defense mechanism: unconscious operation for relief from anxiety conflict


* Conversion: defense mechanism to symbolically express ideas repressed by somatic symptoms

* Displacement: mechanism to transfer on objects, people or situations constituting acceptable substitutes, ideas or feelings

* Training reaction: mechanism allow the subject to adopt attitudes, behaviors, ideas, affects, the opposite of those who inhabit it. Is in obsessive compulsive disorder

* Identification: take a person we admire, a character trait, behavior or thinking model

* Introjection: Introduce symbolically inside the external objects themselves hated or loved; the melancholy of defense mechanism

* Insulation: essential mechanism of obsessional neurosis; the affect attached an idea becomes totally unconscious and detached from the idea; the conscious mind is thus separated from the affect

* Rationalization: defense mechanism to falsify reality by constructing logical and socially acceptable explanations for behavior rather than attributed to a desire or unconscious drive

* Discharge: unacceptable desires or emotions are banished from consciousness. His repressed desires can come back disguised form. Unconscious defense mechanism at the basis of all other mechanisms. This is a departure in the ideas unconscious, unacceptable desires in order to reduce the anxiety they cause.

* Regression: partial or symbolic return to reaction conditions and infant thought

* Sublimation: can be considered as a defense mechanism; allows the representation and instinctual goal which was abandoned in favor of a new purpose authorized by the superego, to express themselves; This is a normal process, provided you do not delete any sexual or aggressive activity


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