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This is the first review to humans during the etiological research of infertility.


The review is to examine a semen sample under a microscope after measuring its volume and its physicochemical characteristics.


Semen is collected by masturbation to the lab after 3 or 4 days of abstinence.

The collection can be performed at home but must be worn at least 2 hours in the laboratory.


Normal values:

– Ejaculate volume: from 2 to 6 mL;

– Appearance: translucent white;

– PH between 7.2 and 7.8;

– Semen analysis: between 25 and 250 million sperm per milliliter:

  – 60% of normal forms,

  – Less than 30% of abnormalities of the head,

  – Less than 20% of abnormalities of the flagellum;

– Fructose levels: between 5 and 20 mmol / L;

Pathological changes:

smears are abnormal with:

– Azoospermia: absence of sperm;

– Oligospermia: rate below 20 million / ml and decreased sperm mobility, usually greater than 40% in the first hour;

– Teratospermia; lack of mobility due to lack of flagellum.



Practical advice:

The patient should be careful not to take a warm bath before masturbation: it can distort the results of the examination.

New US standards that can make school appeared. A review is thus considered normal if:

– Sperm concentration is above 48 million / mL;

– Mobility is greater than 63%;

– More than 12% spermatozoa have normal morphology.

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