Sweat Test

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Health Care

This is to detect in children with cystic fibrosis or cystic fibrosis.


To do this, we must highlight a sweat secretion abnormally rich in sodium chloride.

The examination is essentially practical in children.

Sweat test

Formerly, the sweat was collected on a pad placed in the back or the forearm. For sweating, external heating is made use or wrapping and dosait chlorine and sodium sweat.

Now, a collecting electrode is used which automatically makes the assay after stimulation local sweating by electrical or chemical method (pilocarpine). The examination lasts 5 to 7 minutes and is completely painless.


It is negative, and therefore eliminates the CF, so the rate of Na + or Cl- is less than 40 mmol / L of sweat.

In children:

– More than 70 mmol / L, it is positive but to signify the disease, it must be retrieved three successive examinations, possibly in two or more laboratories;

– Between 40 and 70 mmol / L, one can not say anything, and the confrontation of clinical and other laboratory results will decide.

In adults:

100 mmol / L is the upper normal value.


Related to poor supervision, the risk is that of dehydration in a child small or in poor condition, especially if a method of external heating is used.



Practical advice:

The test is simple to perform with a toddler, safe and painless, so easy to recommend.

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