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Abords vasculaires pour hémodialyse

Vascular edge for hemodialysis

Introduction: The arteriovenous vascular area, dominated by the direct fistula, is used in preference to central venous catheters, including in children. Arteriovenous fistulas: Distal radial arteriovenous fistula: Distal...
Malformations vasculaires vertébromédullaires

Vertebromedullary vascular malformations

SLOW MOTION CIRCULATING MELTING MALFORMATIONS: Those of the capillary compartment (telangiectasia) or the venous compartment (cavernoma) begin to be discovered today by the MRI. Rare, they...

Vascular acrosyndrome

Vascular acrosyndromes are circulatory manifestations localized to the cutaneous territories of the extremities, mainly the fingers. The clinical pictures are various, the causes and the...
Néphropathies vasculaires

Vascular nephropathy

Introduction: Vascular nephropathy with acute renal failure have four main types: Acute necrotizing angiitis with or without associated glomerular involvement; - hemolytic and uremic syndrome, primary or...
Accident Vasculaire Cérébral ischémique

Cerebrovascular accident

1- Myocardial carotid: + Carotid: Optic-pyramidal syndrome with monocular blindness ipsilateral to the occlusion (ophthalmic artery) and contralateral hemiplegia. + Superficial Sylvian (frontal and ascending parietal convexity): -...

Stroke – Haemorrhagic

1- Clinical pictures: * Lens capsular hemorrhage (deep hematoma UCS): - Acute onset with headache and quickly disorders of consciousness; Hemiplegia + conjugate deviation of the...


Chest pains

Traitement des eaux

Water treatment

Épanchement pleural

Pleural effusion

Thrombose veineuse profonde

Deep Vein Thrombosis