Anti-Sperm Antibodies



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The examination allows to find an immunological cause infertility: the presence of iso-antibodies in women and autoantibodies in humans.


The antibodies cause infertility with sperm agglutination.

anti-sperm antibodies

In humans: taking 5 mL of blood in a dry tube and seminal fluid.

For women: 5 mL sample of blood and mucus.

The agglutination of your positive   for the last title which occurs clumping.

The immunocapture test used to determine the class of antibody: IgM, IgA or IgG.


There are, under an optical microscope, the percentage of sperm present, movable relative to a control semen.

The test is considered positive if 80 to 100% of sperm are immobile.


B50 to B280.

Practical advice:

This test is useful if, semen analysis, is found an agglutinate sperm.

In 5% of infertility patients, immunological cause is found.

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