Antithyroid Antibodies



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if the review is essentially practical suspected thyroid autoimmune diseases (such as Hashimoto thyroiditis, for example), but When it evoked the diagnosis of neonatal hyperthyroidism.

Apart from the diagnostic indication, the examination will follow, during treatment or stage of pregnancy, treated hyperthyroidism Graves.


The antibodies are directed essentially against thyroglobulin, microsomes and the TSH receptor; they indicate a thyroid condition.

antithyroid antibodies

Sampling 5 mL of venous blood in a dry tube.

Antibodies are demonstrated by precipitation, hemagglutination, immunofluorescence.


The usual values are different from one laboratory to another depending on the technique used.

Antibody is present in 5 to 10% of healthy subjects.

The highest rates are found in Hashimoto’s disease, as in thyroid cancers and disease Graves.


– Antithyroglobulin Antibodies: 2 x B20.

– Antimicrosomal antibodies: B30.

– Antirécepteurs TSH antibodies: B150.

Practical advice:

The treatments with corticosteroids or immunosuppressants lower the antibody levels.

Interferon alfa may induce thyroid dysfunction with increased antibody.

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