Antigen CA 15.3



The blood test CA 15.3 is useful in the effective control of an antitumor treatment.


Circulating antigen, CA 15-3 is associated with breast cancer: it is recognized by monoclonal antibodies against membrane antigens of breast tumors.

Antigen CA 15.3Technique:

Levy of 2 mL of blood in a dry tube.

The assay method is radioimmunoassay or enzyme-immunoassay.


The normal value is less than 30 U / ml.

CA 15.3 rises in 10% of benign breast tumors, 30-50% of metastatic breast cancers and not in 80% of metastatic cancers.

His lack of sensitivity can not therefore make a cancer screening test, or a specific examination of breast cancer because high levels can also see if ovarian or lung cancer in chronic hepatitis , cirrhosis, or in case of autoimmune diseases.

However, this marker is useful in the monitoring of treated cancers: a rise in the rate can precede a few months the occurrence of metastases.


B50 to B105.

Practical advice:

An isolated elevation of CA 15.3 in a patient treated for cancer has to fear the presence of metastases and advise treatment, although no secondary location is detectable clinically or radiologically.


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