Antigène CA 125

CA 125 Antigen


This is not a diagnostic test, the purpose to review the monitoring of epithelial ovarian cancer.


A monoclonal antibody allows to highlight an antigen not normally present in the blood released in the genital epithelial tissue is in the serum by tumor cells.

CA 125 antigen

Sampling 5 mL of blood in a dry tube.

The assay is radioimmunoassay or enzyme-immunoassay.


Usual values are lower than 35 U / ml.

If perception of an abdominal mass, a normal CA 125 levels virtually eliminates malignant ovarian tumor.

However, a higher rate is found in gynecological diseases such as endometriosis, benign peritoneal and pleural effusions, but also in the liver diseases.


B70 or B105.

Practical advice:

A CA 125 can be unusually high in the first trimester of pregnancy or during menstruation (false positives).


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