Vitesse de sédimentation des hématies

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate


This examination can detect, from a biological abnormality noted, inflammatory or infectious syndrome.


The sedimentation rate of red blood cells is affected by many factors, including the electrical charges and the concentration of proteins involved in inflammation.

erythrocyte sedimentation rate

Sampling 1.6 mL of citrated blood tube (0.4 ml citrate solution to 3.8%), preferably practiced in the laboratory, the fasting patient.

This mixture is placed as quickly as possible in a Westergren tube is 300 mm high and 2.5 mm in diameter.

ESR is the height of the plasma supernatant above the tube at a given time.


Normal values:

in the first hour, VS less than 20 mm.

Pathological changes:

ESR is increased:

– In cases of anemia;

– In case of inflammation: rheumatism, cancer, tissue necrosis;

– In case of infection, especially in cases of bacterial infections; less constantly in the case of intracellular bacteria.

Abnormal immunoglobulins give the highest VS: as in this case, should you look myeloma, Waldenstrom’s disease.



Practical advice:

The VS is not practiced during pregnancy as it is regularly raised in the second quarter: more than 40 in the first hour.

Many drugs affect the VS: aspirin and NSAIDs, for example, decrease VS. Learn about treatments paris by the patient.

The measures at the 2nd and the 24th hour does not show additional interest in relation to that of the first hour. If the rate for the first time is normal, it will be the second and at the 24th hour.


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