Prostate Biopsy



Health Care

The review serves to confirm or before treatment for prostate cancer and type.


This is to clarify a doubt, clinical or ultrasound, realizing a sampling of the radio-controlled area possible.

Prostate biopsy

There are two techniques:

– Transperitoneal under general anesthesia;

– Transrectal without anesthesia.

The collection of samples is entrusted to a cytologist, which establishes the diagnosis.


Histological analysis of the sample to determine the presence or absence of cancer and type depending on the degree of differentiation (Papanicolaou classification).


Graves: risk of acute prostatitis, or even sepsis.

Benign: rectal bleeding or hémospermie.


K20 + 100 BP60.

Practical advice:

False negatives are possible if the sampled area is only similar to that of cancer, hence the need to also take blind in several parts of the prostate.

To avoid complications, a cover antibiotic is often prescribed.

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