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Biopsie rénale : techniques

Renal biopsy: techniques

History of renal biopsy: The kidney was one of the last full organs explored by percutaneous puncture-biopsy. For this deep organ, there was not only a...

Renal biopsy: contraindications, complications

Introduction: Renal biopsy is an essential step in the study of kidney disease. It provides indispensable histological arguments which create the basis for the nosology of...

Temporal Biopsy

Indications: The biopsy is performed in case of suspicion of temporal arteritis, either in a temporal arteritis or polymyalgia rheumatica. Cons-indications: anticoagulant therapy. Principle: The histological analysis of samples...

Prostate Biopsy

Indications: The review serves to confirm or before treatment for prostate cancer and type. Principle: This is to clarify a doubt, clinical or ultrasound, realizing a sampling...

Liver Biopsy

Indications: The interest of the biopsy should be carefully weighed before the risks. This is thanks to a liver tissue sampling to know the liver condition,...

Biopsy of the Small Intestine

Indications: This is to detect diseases of the small intestine such as celiac disease, lymphoma, or Whipple's disease. Cons-indications: Hemostasis disorders and against any indication to general...
Hépatite B

Chance discovery of hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a major public health problems worldwide. Approximately 2 billion people (one third of the world population) serological markers indicating the existence of...






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