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Measles is a highly contagious acute viral infection. Transmission is by air (inhalation of micro-droplets emitted by an infected person). In developing countries, it...


Fever is defined as a temperature higher than 37.5 ° C axillary and 38 ° C rectally. It is usual to consider that taking axillary...
Fièvres récurrentes (borrélioses)

Recurrent fever (Borreliosis)

Relapsing fever (FR) are caused by spirochetes of the genus Borrelia, transmitted to humans by arthropod vectors. Relapsing fever (FRP): FRP is caused by Borrelia recurrentis....

Prolonged fever

We deal here that prolonged unexplained fevers. The diagnostic approach to acute fever is bad schématisable effect. It depends too associated symptoms, and would amount...


The French carried about 8 million stays in the tropics each year, many opportunities to be exposed to malaria. In this context, the role...

Salmonella – Citrobacter

HISTORY: - In 1820, Bretonneau showed the contagiousness of typhoid fever that was called dothiénentérite. - In 1880, Eberth bacillus first observed in the organs of...


Borrelia are responsible for borreliosis, usually called recurrent fevers. These are diseases transmitted by blood-sucking arthropods. According to the arthropod vector is conventionally divided...

Typhoid Fever

* This is a septicemic poisoning (S. enterica / Typhi) at the point of departure mesenteric lymph caused by the bacillus of Eberth. The germ...

Q fever ( coxiellosis )

* Due to an intracellular bacteria (macrophages) Coxiella burnetii. * This is a ubiquitous zoonosis; human contamination is mainly by domestic animals (sheep, goats, cattle)...

Brucellosis ( undulant fever , undulant fever )

* Brucella: bacillus gram-negative aerobic and spore forming; Brucella intracellular situation makes the total sterilization almost impossible with a risk of relapse (3-10%). Hypersensitivity of...


Pli oblique de l'oreille

Oblique fold of the ear



Hemorragie intraoculaire vitréenne

General Ophthalmology

Champ visuel

Visual Field