Visual Field



The determination of the visual field is used to diagnose glaucoma and intracranial tumors.


It determines the field width seen by the patient making him secure a point straight ahead. The doctor sets curves connecting the equal retinal sensitivity point (isopter).

Visual field

The seated patient, a masked eye, fixed centrally.

He is presented with a light test, the location and intensity is changed.

The patient reported the test every time he sees it.


The ophthalmologist has a perimeter layout of the field on which it is possible to notice a blind spot or a central scotoma corresponding to the papilla and the eye that may be larger than normal.

The field can be narrowed over its entire circumference or on a part.

All these signs detect a retinal disease, tumor, vascular or glaucomatous eye.

We must complete the assessment by inta-ocular pressure measurements, neuro-radiological examination and electrophysiological.



Practical advice:

When a myopic patient must regularly change corrective lenses, advise her to see his ophthalmologist because it can be an early sign of AMD (macular degeneration).


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